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Luggage Discounts and Packing Tips

You are now ready to go and you start to think of packing your bags.
What to pack? you might ask yourself. In reality, it all depends on the trip. Is it a business trip or pleasure? Is it a vacation to a hot sunny destination or a cruise to Alaska. The most important thing to keep in mind though, is to pack lightly. The mistake that most travelers make is that they bring too much stuff and many times they come home without wearing everything.

Here are a few tips:

Start with a lightweight bag. Heavy suitcases are a waste especially when new materials make very durable, attractive and light pieces of luggage.

If you can, pick clothes that are lightweight. Even if you need warm clothes for your trip, you can still choose lightweight materials. Jeans are a favorite among travelers but they are heavy. I would say, limit it to one pair and maybe wear it on the plane if it’s not too uncomfortable. When packing toiletries, buy the products you normally use in travel size packaging. I find that a small bottle of shampoo will last me for one week. If you are not sure, try it first at home and see how long a sample bottle of shampoo lasts and then pack accordingly to your length of stay.

Shoes: Keep it simple. Always bring comfortable shoes (at least one pair) and perhaps something nice if you want to look presentable. Shoes take up a lot of space in your suitcase. If you can make it with three pairs of shoes, you will be glad. (a pair that you wil wear on the plane, and 2 other pairs in the suitcase)

Jewelry: Leave at home! especially if it’s valuable. If you like wearing jewelry bring costume jewelry instead.

Washables. It is not a bad idea to bring clothes that are washable (just in case) as well as some handwashing soap. If something gets soiled you can always wash it.

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